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We have created this website to provide free sms receiving service to our customers . This websites helps you to receive sms verification code on provided disposable numbers. Use our free temp phone numbers to protect your privacy and receive any verification code on given numbers without disclosing your personal information to others .

If you have any questions about the use of this website contact us .


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Many websites or apps need your real phone number to verify sms and later use your personal phone number for various purpose . Your privacy is very important to us , our disposable numbers are helpful to receive free sms / text messages so you do'nt have to use your personal phone number to verify sms . Use any of the above given temporary phone numbers to receive sms verificatation code .

Free SMS

Our website provides FREE Disposable Phone numbers to receive SMS . We don't charge you to use any of the Temporary Phone Numbers availabe in our website . Use above given phone numbers to receive sms free ! you can use them to open any new account or verify account . Our phone numbers are from local telecom providers and they have very high recipient rate.

Fast Receiver

All the Free temporary phone numbers provided above are real phone numbers to receive text . We use latest technology to receive sms fast , you will receive text message on above given phone numbers with in few seconds . There are several other websites that provide free sms service but thet SMS receiving platform is very slow . I would suggest to use to get free text messages.

Frequently asked Questions

I sent message to one of the numbers listed on your website but message has not arrived yet ?

Generally message arrives within few seconds . It may get delayed due to various reasons

  • Please make sure that you enter the correct disposable phone number
  • Sometimes , there is delay with OTP , the website where you entered our disposable number may take little longer time upto 15-30 min to send verification code to provided number .
  • Some websites block the disposable number so please use another number from above given temporary phone numbers .

How to use temporary phone numbers ?

It is very easy to use temporary phone numbers . All you have to do is, select any phone number from our website which are listed above . Enter your chosen disposable phone number in the website or app from where you want to receive a Tesx message/SMS. Now, come back to our website and click on the number that you chose to recieve your SMS , your SMS will arrive within few seconds .

How often do you add new disposable phone numbers/ Temporary phone numbers ?

At the moment , we are thinking of adding new disposable phone numbers/ temporary phone numbers on weeklyor Bi-Weekly basis but we may add more frequantly if we get more response from our customers .

How many disposable phone numbers do you have ?

It depends , sometime we have more than 20 and sometime as low as 6 . We keep on deleting old numbers and adding new numbers so our customer get new disposable phone numbers that has not been used by others for phone verificatation purpose .

Do I have to provide my real phone number to use this website?

No. We do not ask you to verify your phone number . All you need is a web browser like google or Mozilla firefox or any other web browser where you can find out numbers on our website and receive sms .

Is it neccessary to download a mobile app or a software to use your service?

No, you do not need any software or app. This is a web-based service that is accessible from everywhere.

Do you store received text messages?

No , we do have automatic deleting system in place that deletes all old sms on its own .